Core Values & Guiding Principles

SOLQUEST lives through a set of core values that form the basic principles of our business relationships. The following shared values define the culture of the company:

Professional Excellence – We are committed to leading the geotechnical industry in creating the highest possible value for our clients.

  • Honesty, integrity, and true professionalism will guide all of our business practices. This means we avoid conflict of interest situations, we are transparent with our clients and all agencies involved, we only take on tasks that we are competent to perform, we offer fair prices for work, and we keep our promises when we make them.
  • Use of technology (especially the finite element method) and practice innovation will be the foundations for producing exceptional solutions for our customers. Geotechnical engineering is a dynamic field with ever changing knowledge. We are always increasing our technical knowledge through reading, conferences, actual research at university research facilities, and through challenging projects.
  • We will ensure that SOLQUEST Engineering, Inc. name is always associated with innovation and high-quality.
  • Conducting work and designing solutions with safety in mind is one of the key core values for us.
  • We take time to understand laws, standards, guidelines and regulations pertaining to our work and ensure that we adhere to them as we serve our clients.

Client Focus– We are here to understand our clients needs and to meet their requirements.

  • Delivery Excellence – We keep our clients informed with accurate information in a timely manner and we strive to deliver results safely, on time and on budget. We believe in exceeding client requirements and delivery excellence to earn our customer loyalty.
  • Team Work – Geotechnical engineering involves multiple phases: field investigations, laboratory testing, and engineering design and analysis. As such, accomplishing a geotechnical work task almost always involves multiple teams. We recognize, therefore, the important aspects of teamwork in achieving extraordinary results. Throughout our decades of service, we have always believed in sharing information, knowledge, ideas and results transparently with all entities involved to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Good Citizenship – To be where we are as a corporation is a privilege. We consider it our responsibility to give back to our society and to make the world a better place. One of the ways we work towards fulfilling this belief is through our charitable financial and personal contributions. SOLQUEST personnel in the last 2 decades has spent considerable time coaching youth players how to play soccer and chess.